Hello world!

They say imperfect actions is better than perfect inactions. So I’ve launched the podcast June 26, 2016 with the set goal of launching it June 1. What happened for 26 days?

During those 26 days I kept talking myself out of launching by saying

  • It’s not ready yet
  • what if people don’t like it?
  • what if I make a fool of myself?
  • am I worthy of this?
  • and so much more!!

UNTIL the 26th day I said f*ck it lets launch this I’ll just launch this and fix things along the way!

Guess what happened?!

The complete opposite happened…




One by one the feedbacks started coming in and the momentum picked up.

What did this do in the end?

It basically unleashed the inner BEAST! and I became Paul Lam The Path Hunter doing what I’m meant to do, and that is to ignite a fire in individuals who are frustrated, angry, feeling unfulfilled and trapped to become path hunters, seeker of knowledge and hunters of growth!

What I’ve learnt is that you’ll never be really ready for whats to come but instead you’re going to learn as you’re doing it.


  • Usually whenever you’re building up this thing inside your head that it’s not going to work, sometimes you have to realize that it’s all in your head.
  • It’s so much easier to just close your eyes and take the leaps of faith and know that things will work out.
  • Getting into the mindset that it’ll never be perfect, as humans we always think that it’s not ready and it’s not perfect yet but quite honestly you perfect it as you get feedback on it, and rinse and repeat again.
  • As you get into this mindset of taking imperfect actions it gets somewhat easier as you try new things, and you become more energize and curious on how far you can take this (trust me, I used to be a HUGE introvert, personally I still think I am a bit)
  • Once you get the feedback whether its positive or negative know you’ve done something and put yourself out there and it’s something to be proud of, its not easy putting yourself out there and talking about your personal problems.
  • You get to know a bit about yourself as well, you develop that confidence to want to put more out, to create more content and inspire people.

So now what’s next?!



Youtube channel, Blog, Podcast all showing you amazing path hunters that with guts, determination, and willingness YOU can do it as well.

Follow my journey as I document everything from leaving my stable $40,000 insurance job at a good company to a digital nomad traveling the world!

It has been amazing journey and I know that it’s only the beginning!

As I continue to walk down this path I discover more and more about myself, meeting great creators, entrepreneurs, digital nomads along the way. It even gave me the courage to even book an airplane ticket to leave to Thailand where it’s the biggest hotspot for digital nomads, its a place where they gather up.

Stay tuned to these adventures, it’s my hope that YOU (the person reading this) finds inspiration and step into who you are as well. 🙂

Stay positive, and realize that everything is going to be okay, believe in yourself because I do 🙂

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