Beginners Packing List To Thailand or South East Asia

Created a short video a beginners packing list to Thailand or south east asia. This is the first time I’ll be traveling with only a backpack and no luggage. So it was fun to experiment and did crazy amounts of research on what people were bringing along with them.

So packing everything into a travel backpack and not bringing along a luggage is a good thing as you wouldn’t need to wait at the baggage claims section of the airport waiting for your luggage to come, you can just walk off and into the new country you’ve arrived at.

The benefits of bringing along a backpack only is it forces you to pack the most essential things and keep things to a minimum. 

A quick list of things I packed

Used the Tortuga backpack V2 (discontinued) – Also mentioned that there is a new version 3 as well you can check it out at


Cash (make sure you bring some cash with you even if you have a credit card, I didn’t end up bringing much cash and ended up having my credit cards locked.)


polysporin (neosporin in the USA, which is an antibiotic to help heal cuts and wounds)

advil (recommended by Mama Lam XD)

Sunscreen – but make sure it’s under 100ml, if its over they’ll take it away from, they did that to me.

Toothpaste – Optional though you can buy that over at your destination.

Lotion – same thing you can buy it overseas as well.

Hair wax

Contact lens – Brand I use is Dailies where you wear them once and toss them away.


3 pairs of jeans – 2 will be in the backpack, and 1 I’ll be wearing during the flight.

4 t-shirts – 1 I’ll be wearing.

7 pair of underwear.

3 pair of socks – I didnt end up taking 5.

Gym shorts

Flipflops – I didn’t bring that, thought I can buy some when I arrive.

Please note:  I took my trip during December to January where the weather is a bit cooler, so if you’re going during the summer seasons, you’d want to pack more shorts instead of jeans or something more breathable.


11″ Macbook Air

Anchor Power bank 20,000 mah – Find similar ones on amazon for a much lower price.

Gopro hero3+ (depending on budget you can also source some used ones on websites such as craigslist or kijiji)

Seagate external hard drive 1 TB – (does not work with my macbook so make sure you test it before you leave)

32GB USB drive – Just incase 😉

DJI Osmo Mobile – Honestly the best thing to have when vlogging and capturing footages.


Notebook + pen

4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss – Didn’t end up taking that book as it was a big book that I didn’t want to weigh me down.

Vagabonding by Roff Potts

Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

All these items were all put together into my backpack and weighed about 24lbs which allowed me to bring into the airplanes as a carry on , and I’ll tell you right now it was an amazing feeling now waiting for a luggage at the baggage claim.

I hope this post helps you think about your packing.

Happy travels!


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