“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Paul Lam

Podcast Host/ Motivator

The Path Hunters podcast is a way to connect with individuals who are feeling frustrated, stuck, unfulfilled in their lives. It encourages people to unleash their inner beast so they can live a life of purpose and passion.

Who is Paul Lam?

There comes a point for each of us when we’re shaken out of our tidy, predetermined and slightly too comfortable lives and forced to take a good hard look around. For me, it happened in 2013 when I was laid off from my job as an insurance agent. At the time, I began to ask myself, “Is this all there is to life? Working a corporate 9-5 job for the next 30-40 years?” I still didn’t know where my path was leading, however I was reasonably sure it wasn’t to an office.

I took a trip to Vietnam in an attempt to discover where my life was headed. While there, I had a magical experience that opened my eyes to the imbalances that exist in this world. I met brilliant children and teenagers who wanted more than anything to get an education, but the lack of resources and funds prevented them from doing so. It made me wonder, how many of these children could someday change the world for the better if they only had access to education? How much talent, intelligence and wisdom are we losing by denying them a chance to share their ideas and gifts with the world?

While there I also paid a visit to a Buddhist temple where I donated $300 CAD to feed 50 people for a day. This small gesture left me with a feeling of contribution, and I quickly realized that I was addicted to that feeling and the knowledge that I could help impact the world positively.

From that moment, I made myself a promise to go back to Canada and do everything in my power to inspire positive change. I also decided that someday I would return to Vietnam, to help create children’s education facilities and feed 100,000 people! Poverty and lack of education often sparks many of the conflicts that destroy lives each and every day. I believe education is the key to self sufficiency, allowing younger generations to share their amazing gifts with the world.

This is the path I’ve chosen for myself. Where will your path lead you?