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It seems like everyone enjoyed the new snippet with Jason Moore from the Zero to Travel podcast so this time I have an amazing couple Jules & Christine two travel bloggers from the site Dontforgettomove.com

They say “your network is your networth”  So my friends Jules & Christine spoke about that in our interview a few months back, talking about the importance on how to get STARTED and its about taking a good look at what value you have to offer to people, going out to network with people.

A few pointers on how to network right away that was not mentioned in the interview and how I went about to connecting with people.

  • First seek out conferences, gatherings of entrepreneurs around in your local town, and going to them EVEN if you don’t have clarity on what you want to do yet. By getting out to these conferences you are surrounded by like-minded people and everyone is all up to something amazing or just like you seeking clarity.
  • Making sure you’re your authentic self, connecting with people and asking about them definitely is a key thing and don’t ask for the sake of asking or looking good, ask because you genuinely want to know, majority of the time entrepreneurs are happy to share their insight because they’re proud about what they’ve achieved.
  • Make sure you have fun, and talk to as many as you can so that it can shed some clarity on what you’d want to do as well, or if you meet someone in the industry you’d want to get into you can chat with them on how to get started. Conferences are usually pretty busy, so connecting with them and an exchange of cards then connecting later on via email helps

Just a quick pointer.

What NOT TO DO when networking or connecting with entrepreneurs and digital nomads is that you should NEVER ask them “what kind of value can I give you?”

That very question will turn them off because the fact is that they don’t know what kind of value you can give to them. They just met you!

So be a keen observer of the person you want to connect with, notice their clothes, or their body language or shoes any clues or even pulling out your phone quickly and doing a quick google search of them. What you want to do is see what kind of interests, hobbies, volunteer work, or anything that you can genuinely learn and have them talk about themselves but not seem like you’re a thirsty wantrepreneur.

For example: if you noticed the entrepreneur is interested in superheroes or comic books after doing a quick google search, ask them what their favourite superhero?

Strike a conversation with them that isn’t business relation or ask about them as person because most of the time people who are considered elite entrepreneurs they don’t get treated like a human being. EVERYONE wants a piece of them, strike a business deal, or learn from them. But it’s all about creating the connections.

Remember they are human and they want to be treated like one.


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