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April 27, 2017

Benefits of solo traveling

Solo episode with me here today. I hope all you awesome path hunters out there are chasing your dreams, being intentional, being hunters of your own path. I can’t thank you enough how grateful I am for all you listeners who listens to my podcast. So THANK YOU!

This episode I wanted to go over the reasons why I think everyone should solo travel to another country. I go over a few reasons through my own personal experience why I believe everyone should solo-travel.

Here are some benefits!

1)Even if it’s for two weeks, when you choose to solo-travel by yourself you can learn A LOT about yourself! During my trip to South Korea in 2016 I traveled alone for 2 weeks and I learned so much about myself. What I like, what I don’t like. What types of food, what things I enjoy seeing and even being alone with your own thoughts, being by yourself you can listen and tap into that inner voice of yours. You build a relationship with yourself. And as most entrepreneurs, digital nomads know that it all starts with YOU in the business world. You are the biggest factor whether you build an independent lifestyle, you are the key component to your own life.

2) My time in Chiangmai, Thailand was truly about me getting out of my own comfort zone. Going into a new country that I know nothing about, the culture, the language, or anything but purposely throwing myself into a pack of wolves and then coming out  with so much experience. I always preach about getting out of your comfort zone because the majority of the time you’re mind is building up this huge road block to stop you from doing that, but one you do, you begin to understand that it’s not so bad after all, and you somewhat crave more of it. This is the process of life, you get out of your comfort zone and you experience it for yourself and realize that it’s not so bad, and you learn. The process repeats after that.

3) You have a greater appreciation for the friends and family you left back home. When you’re solo-traveling and you reflect on the loved ones you left back home. This builds a greater relationship with them, and you realize how grateful you are.

4) There is no other feeling than being in an unknown part of the world where no one knows you, you can choose who you want to be. You can take on a whole different persona. That feeling alone is liberating. It liberates you so much and allows you to bring out your true self.

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