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November 21, 2017


Bri Seeley is a serial entrepreneur, author, and founder of The Inspirational Woman Project. A coach that empowers women to take the leap of faith and empower them to live their lives in the way they see fit! Her new book “Permission to Leap”   has recently just launched! http://amzn.to/2zSZvBJ

I had to bring Bri onto The Path Hunters Podcast to talk about her journey and what life was life before her coaching business.

We spoke about her entire journey from when she started her business in the fashion world and had a full-on company but wasn’t really happy with it. Being in that world for a period of time she knew that deep down she needed a change.

Completely closing down her fashion company she then spent a period of time figuring out what was her next step.

This is the part where I really enjoyed chatting with Bri about.

We dove into,

  • What happens when you’re at your lowest point in life.
  • When things get tough what do you do?
  • Why it’s so important to give yourself permission
  • What is in her new book Permission To Leap
  • Why it’s important to take time to feel your feelings
  • and so much more!

Thank you so much Bri for coming onto the podcast with me, I’m truly grateful that you took the time to jump on!

Find out more about Bri at https://www.briseeley.com/



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