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July 12, 2017

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Hey Path Hunters!

My good friend Calvin Simpson came onto the Path Hunters Podcast after the recent popular episode with 3 podcasters Filip, Myself and Calvin did a 3 way podcast episode where we spoke about why we went after our dreams so I had to bring him on to chat with him directly.

Calvin had a huge helping on launching my new eBook “Gun To Your Head” to Amazon. He is the host of the Life Through The Eyes Of A Smile Podcast and his company Happful where he helps authors write, market and launch their non-fiction books.

Calvin is the type of guy that radiates amazing energy into the world and one of the first questions I asked Calvin was “Can this be learned or were you born with this?”

He explains that early in his life he was would turn red, and get all flushed whenever speaking to someone new or meeting someone, so he refers to a book called “the game” by Neil Straus  that taught him how to interact with people. The book itself is a pickup artist book but the concepts could be applied to all kinds of human interactions.

Baseball Bat Incident

After being assaulted with a baseball bat Calvin suffered severe jaw damage and was in and out of the hospital quite frequently meeting with surgeons to reconstruct his jaw. During this period in Calvin’s life, he took the time to reflect on what drove people to bring in positive energy and what drove people to bring negative energy to a room.

He mentioned that kids at the hospital didn’t subscribe to that negative energy and majority of the time the kids were smiling.

That Life Changing Email

While listening to a podcast episode with Tim Ferriss and Derek Sivers owner of CD Baby back in the early 2000s Derek mentions that if you have any questions email him and offered this on the podcast. So that little voice within Calvin said to email him, so he does exactly that! Derek emailed him back answering his question and that was question was whether or not that he should leave his corporate job to pursue a new business venture.

Derek’s answer was to go and read Cal Newport’s book “So good they can’t ignore you”

Calvin went and did exactly that and the biggest takeaway was doing two things at once. If it means that much to you, then you’re willing to make the time to do it, and once it can sustain your lifestyle then you can transition completely over.

Overall it was an amazing chat with my good friend Calvin.

Thank you so much, my friend, for coming onto the podcast. It was mega fun connecting with you.

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