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Path hunters,

I’m happy to announce today’s guest is someone I looked up to ever since I picked up his book in 2013 and has followed his philosophy for sometime now.

It’s crazy that I get to interview him for the podcast. He’s a New York Times best seller, traveled to every country in the world, host of the world domination summit in Portland Oregon.

Better known for his $100 start up book, get excited for the one and only Chris Guillebeau.


So the cool thing is that I’ve contacted Chris and heard that he had a new podcast called Side Hustle School  , and I knew I had to bring him onto The Path Hunters podcast

I loved every second of the interview. I really enjoyed this interview as we get into different types of topics and his perspective on them.


How to build awesome communities even if you’re an introvert.

  • Chris gave some amazing points about creating communities, even if you’re introverted and that is focusing on the that one person that resonates with your message or work. Think about the message, how is it going to impact this one person. Direct all your energy to that one person.

How Chris finds speakers for his world domination summit.

  • Having a committee that helps with the selection for the speakers and have nominations.

Why it’s so important to set goals and making them measurable.

  • Setting goals to achieve one’s dreams, and making them measurable. (For example I gave my insight on writing 1000 words a day)

Why Chris doesn’t believe in a balanced lifestyle.

  • The word balance is a word that is a bit of a corporate world word. When you think about work-life balance, you think about balancing your work life with your personal life, and trying now to be out of balance between the two. It’s a bit of a corporate life structure.
  • Chris once said that “balanced people don’t change the world.” He believes that people should choose adventure, chase their dreams, have a wonderful life and give everything they’ve got. NOT trying to maintain a balanced life.

Why you shouldn’t niche down, but instead what is the theme.

Most people don’t know what their niche is, and because of that they typically think that there is something wrong with them. But Chris believes that’s alright because instead of niching down, create a life surrounding a theme with things that you love.





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