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PH – 04 | Getting Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

October 07, 2016



Chasing your dreams and passion can be a scary thing, it gets you out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. For those who are going through the hunt for their path, this episode has 3 simple things that can help you stay on track incase you derail from your “hunt.” 

 Episode 4 – Out of your comfort zone to greatness

A Lot of people have aspirations or dreams to work towards something. Most people somewhere on that journey either gets discourages or when they face a little discomfort they back off or completely give up in general.

There is so much information about overcoming this fear to obtaining your goals.

Today I’m going to go over some things that’s worked for me, and how it continues to impact me everyday.

Break things down – A Lot of people can agree with me that it’s so much easier to break down your goals into small milestones. Create a list for yourself and literally break everything down to 1 week/ 3 months/ 6 months/ and a year. Break them down and being specific about your goals will help you keep track. So if your goal is to make $100,000 a month by next year. Make it your focus to make a $1000 a month in 3 months and then continue to grow from there. Break things down will help you look at things in a more manageable way.

Committing to it. You have to ask yourself do you really want it bad enough? Are you willing to stick with this till the very end? Are you able to be patient with yourself to keep going? If not go back and re-evaluate your goals, and think about how bad you want it. What helped me with my commitment was that I asked myself “ am i willing to spend 30- 50 years of my life at my cubicle job?” if the answer is a raging “hell no!!” then get committed.

5 days of discomfort – After listening to a podcast episode of the Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn with Jia Jiang the art of rejection – I realized that to really achieve your goals you have to learn how to get outside of your comfort zone, and getting rejected. The thing i took away from that episode was that the feeling afterwards when you tell yourself “hey that wasn’t so bad!” and the fear was all in my head. So for me personally myself I wasn’t comfortable with doing a 100 days of rejection. So instead I did my own 5 day challenge of just doing things that I would never do or try it doesn’t have to be big things like going skydiving or something. For example “I wanted to talk to my gym crush, and I got rejected but that wasn’t the point I got out of my comfort zone and spoke to her, said hi how are you, and we had a normal conversation.” Another time I just compliment people for what they’re wearing or features “ I said to a starbucks barista her makeup is on point lol because i know how much time a girl spends on their make up. And she was delighted with that. Normally people won’t do that but I did it just because i wanted to. Again it doesn’t have to be extreme things it could be but it doesn’t have to be. You can start by just wearing something you normally wouldn’t wear, I wore all white one time, with white chuck taylors, white jeans and a white tee. Normally i don’t do that but I just wanted to get out of my own comfort zone. You soon realize that it isn’t so bad and then you adjust the degree of comfort.

Write down what you do each day, so you can look over all the things that you did, and with all those things you and just look back and see how far you’ve come.

Build this into your habits now so when the time comes and you’re ready to move forward with your dreams it’s definitely going to be scary but remind yourself that you don’t want to be average, and that you told yourself numerous times that you aren’t willing to spent ? of your life working and paying bills. Tell yourself that you can do it, say it out loud and empower yourself.


Breaking down your goals into small attainable goals, and intentionally getting out of your comfort zone. Please remember to subscribe / rate / review.







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