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April 18, 2017

How To Feel Alive

Path Hunters,

Today’s guest I have David Brower, he is all about connecting with people authentically through expression, through feeling alive, and allowing yourself to feel.

David calls it Alivefulness™ and it’s a way to awaken and feel alive through expression.

It’s amazing chatting with David on the podcast because I believe that this is super important as well when connecting with people. Truly expressing yourself.

This episode David told a story about him holding back his emotions, and what he learned. It turns out that allowing yourself to feel, to cry is the best kind of therapy to let out the emotions.

How do you feel alive every single day

David mentioned that you should expand your comfort zone and a great example he gave was if you’re ordering something and they were to get your order wrong, you have to graciously voice that out instead of brushing it aside and keeping it in.

Sharing your personal power with people – A way to express yourself is by going out and making other people feel good about themselves. Making them laugh, commenting on their features, intentionally going out and making their day.

Conscious aligned choices

David is hosting events coming up in different parts of the world where he gathers a group of amazing people together to awaken their senses and feel the pleasures through eating pleasurable foods, live performances, and learning how to connect with others. He calls it Sensorial Experience Day !

Event details in Toronto check it out here or https://www.facebook.com/sensorialexperienceshub/

Click here for more event details.


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