PH – 103 | Dena Adriance | The Insider’s Guide to Digital Nomads

Book recommendation: Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

I love interviewing digital nomads, by definition they are people who share the love for travel and leverage the internet to create a source of income to travel the world.

As I’ve always said before that travel makes you smarter, it allows you to see the world. Adds to your perspective on life, and grows you as a human being. After traveling to multiple places in the world.

My guest Dena Adriance, recently started her digital nomad journey and is 1 year into her newly built business.

We got to hear her story on how she started and how she created this whole lifestyle for herself.

What I enjoyed about this conversation is that it’s so fresh, Dena started her journey and when I spoke to her she was 7 months into her journey.

I hope you enjoy this episode

and thank you to Dena for joining me here on the podcast

Dena Adriance is a multi-passionate Renaissance Soul on a mission to help people reignite their creative spark and build a life that more fully honors all parts of themselves. She has spent much of her life in a game of tug of war between her desire to create, to sing, to perform, and her desire to make a meaningful positive impact on the world. After a decade without the arts, she realized she had no choice but to figure out how to do both.  


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