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August 29, 2017

Hey Path Hunters!

Today’s guest I have an awesome soul, Gabby Wallace a Youtuber with 350,000 subscribers. Gabby creates online courses helping adults learn English as a second language all across the world. Launching her English learning channel in 2011 she is a passionate digital nomad that has an amazing journey.

By saying no to the norm, and choosing her own path, she took off early in her journey to teach English in Japan



 Side Hustle

Gabby was explaining that during her time in Japan she knew she really wanted to strike off on her own and decided to invest her time into her Youtube channel but during the first few years of it, she wasn’t making any money and didn’t know if she’d want to pull the plug on it or not but something deep inside her told her to keep going. It was about 2014 when she started gaining more momentum, the money started coming in.

I love what Gabby did for this because she continued to work her job in Japan as an English teacher while at the same time creating a side hustle making sure that her side hustle was generating the same amount of money for her to leave.


Start Now

A great lesson that Gabby mentioned was that most people think Youtube right now is saturated and everything’s been said but that shouldn’t stop you from creating your own channel because you’ll be able to learn from those who are already doing it before you.

She mentioned that she witnessed other YouTubers grow at a monumental rate because they’ve learned from those who are already doing it and learning all the mistakes as well.

A great lesson to start now, and even though it may seem saturated or crowded you should still start anyways!

Gabby it was amazing chatting with you for the Path Hunters Podcast, I appreciate you for taking the time to chat with me.

Until next time!!

With gratitude!

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