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April 06, 2017

PH – 66 | Geneviève Gauvin & Nicolas Pineault | How To Focus What Is Important For Yourself & Business

Path Hunters!

This episode is super special and very different and let me explain.

My good friends Gen & Nick from the great anomaly has joined into the path hunters podcast for the 2nd time!

What makes this podcast so special besides them being the first to come back onto the podcast a 2nd time is that during the time of this recording they were still operating the great anomaly but recently they have closed up this business all together and cancel their retreat as well.

But I really wanted to launch this episode anyways because they information that they gave was really great. Also if gives you guys, all the path hunters out there a look into their mindsets before they decided to close up shop.

So they talk about how to figure out what is essential in their business and life.

Gen & Nick were talking about how important it is to change up your environment and focus on what is truly important. In the interview they mentioned that they had closed off the facebook group because they simply didn’t have time to work on all their business projects and it was hurting their other businesses that was their flagship business that brought in the majority of their income.

Their advice for someone who is working their corporate 9-5 job and aspires want to be an entrepreneur. 

First start with what you’re trying to achieve in life and your reason for becoming an entrepreneur. Is it to travel full-time, is it to create wealth. What are your reason, and this is the first place to start is by knowing what you really want out of life, and building a business that allows you to do that specific thing.

Figuring out what is essential in all aspect of your business

What Nick mentioned in the podcast episode about how to take time and figuring out how long are the tasks or projects going to take in your business/businesses and figuring out what is the important tasks that you need to complete. Finding out what you can also cut out, what to delegate and give the task away to others to do.

You can simply do this by using a piece of paper and jotting down this information 

How to deal with things not working out

Taking time to reflect and let go on things not working out. One thing Nick mentioned that being in a couple a lot of things changes quite frequently especially when you’re traveling as well. Also being flexible, if you fail you move and try something else.


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