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Hey Path Hunters!

I have an amazing guest here today Jasper Ribbers from  Get Paid For Your Pad where we chat about him making $60,000 a year through Airbnb-ing his home and traveling the world full time.

I really wanted to chat with Jasper and capture the conversations on different types of ways on how to generate income. This particular one is relatable because I know most people who with homes wants to travel but is tied down with a mortgage.

This is where I chat with Jasper how using Airbnb as a way to create an income even if you have a mortgage to travel or be location independent.

What were you doing before you started traveling?

Jasper working as a trader in the financial industry for 6 years and realized that this is not what he wanted to do with this life, and wanted to aspire for more. During this time he decided to rent out his apartment in Amsterdam and quickly realized that he could travel while doing this.

How much can you make?

I really wanted to get a sense of how much you can make from renting out your home to Airbnb typically and for each person, the situation can vary but Jasper mentioned that roughly you can make about $2000-4000 based on if you’re renting out your home for $1500 a month but generally you can 2x – 4x your current income based on how much you’re currently renting out.

How to get started

Jasper gets into some details on how to get started if you really wanted to try it out. He mentioned that the idea of someone from the internet going to be living in your home can be very daunting and some people may not feel comfortable with that.

What Jasper suggests is to start small, by renting out your home for a weekend or a week to try it out and see how you would feel about it first before you do anything major.

Jasper did also mention that he has sold his home in Amsterdam and is currently looking to purchase more properties to rent out in different places around the world.

And this could be another idea for someone who wants to create more income in the future by purchasing different properties as well too because of the low cost for the actual properties itself.

Thank you so much, Jasper, for jumping onto the podcast here with me it was a pleasure chatting with you and until next time!


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