How To Start A Digital Nomad Lifestyle

How open and aware are you with the opportunities around you?

I had an amazing chat with my friend Jeremy Enns, who talks about his amazing journey to being a digital nomad and building an independent lifestyle. Interviewing him was really fun for me and hearing about his journey from a community we’re both in. So I knew I had to bring him onto the Path Hunters Podcast.

Jeremy told an amazing story about how he dismissed an opportunity but later on realized that this was the opportunity that was going to allow him to be location independent. When he was starting out he started finding his clients through a website called where he was able to seek out clients.

What is amazing about Jeremy is that he recently started in his journey and that is more valuable than someone who has been doing it for a number of years. For a few good reasons too.

  1. It allows Jeremy to share some recent insights.
  2. It shows all you amazing Path Hunters that it’s an obtainable goal but there is a process involved.
  3. New strategies and tips that are used by Jeremy that others can pick up as well.

Jeremy spoke about how he is housesitting to help take away some of the cost while traveling. It’s an amazing way to save money on living costs. An great resource is

It was so fun interviewing Jeremy, thank you my friend for coming onto the Path Hunters podcast!


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