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PH – 11 | Johnny FD | Leaving Everything Behind To Become A Digital Nomad

February 07, 2016


Johnny FD explains that he quit his well paying job in california in 2008 to move to Thailand to become a scuba instructor and fought professionally as a Muay Thai Fighter. It wasn’t until in 2013 being broke he made his first $100 online off a business he started which sold for $60,000.

Now he spends his time being a digital nomad traveling around the world and creating more income streams through Udemny course, affiliate marketing, he’s written books, and even has his own podcast!!

I just had to have him on, his story literally inspired me so listen to that specific episode over and over again to just try and dissect everything and get myself motivated.

It was truly an honour to have him onto the podcast and he shares his insight about his story a bit more, he goes into opening up to talk about how he retired his parents and it truly resonated with me alot. I loved having him on because I want to show you guys, the listeners that once you get past thefears, doubts, and overcome all the obstacles you come out a changed person doing amazing things. 

What You Will Discover In This Episode.

  • How all your loved ones worry about you, you have to have faith and follow your passion no matter how lonely it may be. 
  • How Johnny views his world now and explains his journey to being a digital nomad.
  • How Johnny got started.
  • And so much more!

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