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Book Reference: Untethered Soul-Micheal Singer

Path Hunters!

Today my guest is a female photographer, creator, and overall an amazing human being, Lisa B jumped onto thePath Hunters Podcast to talk about her journey after losing her father but from that she found her passion and that is photography.

Surrounding Yourself Around Like-minded People

Lisa has a superstar mindset where she explains why it’s so important to surround yourself with like-minded people and how that she only has a handful of friends where she’d get together with and talk about goals, inspirations, and motivations. By doing this she elevates herself and those around her to take on life.

Just Do It

After feeling the quality of her work was not up to where she wanted it to be, Lisa took things into her own hands, started a brand new Instagram page (@lkbphotograhy) and created the work that truly represents her. By doing that people from Los Angeles began to notice her work and invited her to come out there directly to work with them. All because she took matters into her own hands.

Maintaining Relationships

Also we dive into how to maintain great relationships, Lisa gave tips and insights on how she maintains relationships with her models, people she works with, and staying true to herself.

It was so refreshing to interview Lisa and hear about her amazing journey. I look forward to seeing how her journey unfolds.

Thank you Lisa for giving me this opportunity to chat with you.

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Book Reference: Untethered Soul-Micheal Singer

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