Luke Benjamin Thomas is the owner and founder of Dude Studios. He has been traveling as a digital nomad since early 2013 working on projects that help other digital nomads be able to travel more instead of being tied to their online businesses… And help people get drunk. He’s an explorer, always trying new things, a bit of an adrenaline junkie and a guy who can talk for hours and hours if you let him.

How To Stop Backing Down & Face Your Fears

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

I really love this quote because this is exactly what I and my good friend Luke Benjamin Thomas AKA LBT talks about. We chatted about his journey as a digital nomad as he has been traveling since 2013. He’s been so multiple places and is also a podcaster himself as well, he is the host of That Marketing Dude Show. So I had to bring him onto the Path Hunters podcast  to talk about his journey!

LBT shared some amazing insights on his journey where he took a trip to Thailand for a month with a group of people he didn’t really know too well but became friends afterward. He mentioned that it’s all about easing your way into what you really want to do because he noticed that while he really wanted to travel he kept talking himself out of it and at the end of it never really took that leap to travel.

What helped him with this was that he booked a one-way flight which forced him to take off. He then noticed that things got easier as he continued to step out of his comfort zone.

It was so fun chatting with Luke for the podcast as it’s a wonderful story about someone who literally just stepped out of his comfort zone and developed the love for travel.



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