Path Hunters!

Today’s guest is Mitch and Sarah Loar from an amazingly fun couple that I really enjoyed talking to.

We chatted about many things in this podcast interview. I wanted to get more info on what it’s like to travel together as a couple, building online businesses, and more insights on how they first took off and became location independent.

It was a really fun chat.

  • We dove into cutting down on your material possessions
  • How Mitch and Sarah got started
  • What they did to prepare for their ultimate vision of being location independent
  • Why it’s easier for men to let go of their material things than women
  • the ins and outs of housesitting
  • and so much more!

Mitch and Sarah are a HUGE inspiration to me because down the road I can only see myself and my spouse to live a similar lifestyle as well. I’m so grateful that they were so open with everything

Thank you so much, Mitch and Sarah!

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