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Today’s episode is an exciting episode where we break another limiting belief. I chat with many people about the digital nomad lifestyle, and typically whenever I have these conversations with someone a bit older, mature. The typical answers I get is “oh I’m too old to do that” ” I have a mortgage to pay” “I have kids” “you need to be rich to do that” but most of the time these are just limiting beliefs.

I’ve interviewed many digital nomads in the past from Jasper Ribbers who Airbnb’s his home and created a $60,000 income while traveling the world full time as a digital nomad or Gen & Nick a digital nomad couple who travels the world full time has their business all run online as well too.

This time around I get to break another limiting belief that you’re never “too old” to start living your life to the fullest. I have Palle Bo the host of The Radio Vagabond podcast, from Denmark. What’s special about Palle is that he started his digital nomad journey in early 2016 in his 50s! Suddenly losing his parents in such a short amount time apart, with 2 lovely daughters Palle had to decide what he wanted to do, and he decided to sell everything and take off on his journey to visit every country in the world!

Rich in Many Ways Than That Fancy Car

A great story that I wanted to highlight with my chat with Palle was when he started his company he had a choice to make, it was to stay and scale the business higher to create more money and buy that fancy car, house and become rich. Or sacrifice some clients that he had and travel the world full time. Palle explained that he doesn’t regret taking off to travel the world and losing a few clients because he is rich in other ways than money. He’s rich with experience, culture, and other things that money can’t buy.

The Great Lesson of All

A great lesson in this interview was when Palle was explaining how his whole perspective changed after losing his father and then his mother within a few weeks of each other. So within 2 months losing both his parents. That confirmed to Palle that you have to live while you can. Don’t wait too long to start living is the great lesson.

This episode with Palle was really fun, only because we got into many other topics but the most inspirational part of it is how Palle takes on life now. He doesn’t wait to start living, he’s already living and it started the moment that he took off to travel the world.

Thank you so much my friend for chatting with me, I hope you enjoyed this episode!

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