Fellow Path Hunters!

He’s the type of friend that  When the doorbell rings, don’t be surprised to find Jan there holding balloons and a party horn ready to make your day better. He’ll catch you off guard with his unique and quirky sense of humour that he brings to everything he does. Fun is his secret weapon and he uses it to break down all your walls of nervousness and doubt.

Jan Keck comes armed with industry leading video techniques ready to capture your authentic self on film. This episode you’re going to learn what happens when you’re forced to become an entrepreneur. The benefits from finding your community and surrounding yourself with like minded people. Focusing mainly on impact and knowing that its not all about you.

I really enjoyed interviewing Jan as he is the first guest to give a gift on the podcast

you can download the minimal video guide for digital nomads here 

http://www.lookfuckingamazing.com/pathhunters or click here 

With that being said when you’re ready to join Jan’s online course where he teaches you how to look f*cking amazing on film and is for entrepreneurs, changemakers and coaches, who want to share their message, product and service with a global audience.

For more info on the online course

http://www.big3videoagency.com/look-fucking-amazing  or click here 

What You Will Discover In This Episode.

  • What happens when you’re forced to be an entrepreneur
  • tips on how to look amazing on camera for your videos
  • realizing that it’s not about you, its all about your impact.
  • And so much more!

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ONLINE COURSE: click here 




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