Fellow path hunters Its your friend Paul Lam here back again for another awesome episode. Around this time last year as I realized that I wanted to be so much more than someone who works his corporate 9-5 job and live pay check to pay check. So as a path hunter    I had to intentionally seek out a community with like minded individuals such as myself to connect with. So one day I connected with a group of local Toronto entrepreneurs attending a conference where I connected with so many people, asking them questions, learning from everyone. And so this is the one thing I wanted to point out that because I did that and I intentionally went out I connected with my guest today Paul Milano.

So I have Paul in the house today and  he’s a friend of mine that I connected with here locally where I am.
He was a Former shy and nerdy kid who found his path through health and fitness.Paul helps people learn systems and habits to create a more powerfully productive and charged life.  What does that mean? Anything to help you become more fit, more productive, achieve greater results and leave a powerful impression. Find out how to get more done by noon then most all day at

Tips to living a better lifestyle.

Increase the quality of sleep.

  • set the same wake time, and the same bed time – your body thrives on a rhythm, and routine.
  • sleeping roughly on average for 7-8 hours

Morning routines.

  • Wake up in the morning and drink a bottle of water to rehydrate
  • Stretches – Energize your body – Get the blood flowing.
  • reading for 20mins or listening to a podcast – To get you in a positive mindset.

Book recommendation – The magic of thinking big – David J. Schwartz

Sometimes weighing the options when faced with a life changing decision

Understanding what would be the worst case scenario and most likely it’s not as bad as you think – For Pauls case he was juggling back and forth whether he should move to San Francisco or not he decided to move out there with his wife. His reasoning was that if it didn’t work out, all he would need to do is book a flight and come back home to toronto.

  • Best excersise is to brain dump all your thoughts and options on paper so that you’d have a sense of clarity on what the best decision is.

It was amazing to interview Paul for the podcast as connecting with him in real life we had so much in common and the same drive that I just had to capture one of our conversations for all you amazing path hunters.

Check Paul out at the links below

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Love you all

your friend

Paul Lam




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