Fellow Path hunters,  a good friend of mine connected me and my guest here today as he thought I would resonate with my guest’s journey and what she’s been through.

And Boy! he was right. , you know sometimes you know that you have this inner calling inside you, calling you to go somewhere in the world, and experience you’re meant to experience. Which leads me to say that today’s guest followed her inner calling. She’s done some amazing things, she’s a holistic therapist, yoga teacher,  storyteller, mental health advocate, speaker, and writer. I have in the house Laurita Gorman, Laurita is such a beautiful soul where we had an amazing conversation about her journey, and how everything I resonate with so much, it got to the point where I felt like a parrot for repeating everything.

Laurita talks about her calling to India even though she didn’t speak the language, had never been there before, she just knew that she had to go there and go there alone.

  • During her travels she used writing as a way to get through the tough times as a female traveler. She shared openly and vulnerably about her travels, and everything else that came with it.
  • Trusting her message and making sure that was bigger than her fears that she had during her travels.
  • Her advice for someone who is the Monday to Friday grind, and if they have a passion to leave their job is to create space first, take time to read, to write, to exercise.  Creating a schedule for self care, so leaving out a portion of the day to have some me time that is where you can discover who you really care, and find some clarity on what you want to do.

“With distance comes clarity” 

Travel has been one of Laurita’s biggest passions, as traveling was a way to get in touch with herself and help her understand herself in a deeper way. With that in mind she is now leading global retreats around the world, and helping people have massive shifts in their life both internally and externally. Being of service by helping out in local communities around the world.

Tips on how to sustain her travel lifestyle and how she started

  • Laurita worked 3 jobs when she was still living in Canada to save a good amount of money to fund her travels.
  • Focus on keeping expenses low by living cheaply, such as sourcing out cheap accommodations, food and transportation.
  • Exchange her services – example: Teaching yoga in exchange for a bed to sleep in.
  • Freelance work
  • Coaching Online

We get even deeper who self-reflection once you peel back all the titles that you gain in society, so after peeling back the titles like, a son, a husband, a wife, a daughter, a ceo, a doctor, who are you? Typically when you meeting someone they list off what they do, how many kids they have, what kind of car they drive, etc. So our conversation goes towards what happens when you peel these titles off of yourself.

I resonate so much with Laurita as we have very similar paths in life, and it was inspiring to hear her story and her journey. We dug really deep in our conversation and inspired me to continue forward in my own path as well.

If you’d like to follow Laurita and her journey or get in touch with her check out the links below. 🙂

What You Will Discover In This Episode.

  • How to find clarity on what you really want to do in life.
  • How Laurita had this inner calling inside her and she had to act on.
  • and so much more!

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