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September 12, 2017

Fellow Path Hunters,

It’s one thing for married couples to get together a nice long day of work, sitting down at the dinner table and another thing when you spend the majority of your time together as a married couple, business partners, and travel the world because you aren’t tethered to one location.

My guests here today Ray & Laura Blakney are exactly that, a married couple, business partners and is passionate about their English learning language empire Live Lingua.

So I had to bring them onto the Path Hunters Podcast because it’s hard enough being in a relationship as it is already but add being business partners, traveling together to the mix. It got me really curious about how they’re doing it.

We get into amazing topics such as

How has this benefited their relationship together

I asked Ray & Laura about their relationship together when balancing between the titles of business partners, lovers, and how has it helped their relationship. The answer was that it’s going to either help strengthen your relationship together or it may not work out, there was no in between balance. One benefit I thought was great is that you also learn a lot about one another, you learn about things you may not have known about your spouse or partner.

Before starting your business why you should focus on your own personal why.

Ray mentioned something great that I also agree on is before starting a business, make sure you find your own personal reason as to why you want to start a business and also making sure it aligns to that as well.

How things aren’t always what you envision it to be.

One of Ray & Laura’s passions is volunteering and told a great story on how things aren’t always what you envision it to be. Ray mentioned that they spend a lot of time volunteering at a school for people with hearing disabilities, and Ray mentioned that he would teach them some basic computer programming but realized that some of these people couldn’t read or write. I love the insight on that because sometimes we forget that some people are starting from ground zero.

We dive into much more topics and I really enjoyed having Ray and Laura onto the podcast.

Thank you so much, Ray & Laura, for taking the time to chat, Ray & Laura,

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