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Today’s guest has interviewed amazing people such as Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor and Marie Forleo and has a mission to inspire everyone he comes into contact with. My guest today is Sean Croxton Host of the Quote of the Day Show. I knew I had to bring Sean onto the the Path Hunters podcast to chat with him and hear about his journey, and what he does.

That Painful Feeling

Sean shared an amazing story of his early life when he was using Youtube as a way to connect with people as he was learning how to be a better personal trainer. Later on, he realized that he trading time for dollars and that he knew he was capable of so much more. It got to the point it was so painful for him, that he had to do something about it, he had to take action. This is that uncomfortable feeling that everyone has when they aren’t living up to their true potential.

Our Greatest Power

The most valuable thing mentioned was that everyone has the ability to create and obtain the life that they’ve always wanted to have but it all boils down to accepting responsibility for your own life and making the choice on changing that.

Also, why people go to conferences, read books, and in a few days time, they revert back to their old ways is because they haven’t accepted responsibility and haven’t made the choice to internalize it, take action, and become the person that they’ve always wanted to become.

 Life Is Not Over

If you’re working a job that you completely dread, and not feeling fulfilled, know that life is not over and that you have the abilities to create a life that you’ve always wanted, and it all starts by stepping into that greatness that’s inside all of us.

We get into so much in this interview and I would like to thank Sean himself for coming onto the podcast, I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to chat with you, and it was a blessing to get an insight into your world, my friend!

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  1. I loved this podcast. Even skilled interviewers like Paul Lam and the interviewee, Sean Croxton, can’t predict when a lightning-bolt of a conversation will emerge when they pair up.

    I could use help with processing the idea of us as creators, inheritors of the Divine Spark. How do you jibe the idea that we can create anything we want with our dependence on others?

    What I mean is: Each of us has this Divine Spark so to get what I want I need others to act accordingly so that I can get what I want, aside from certain exceptions that are achievable in isolation like inner peace. Even Edison needed assistants and other inventors like Lewis Latimer, who patented long-lasting carbon filaments. He also needed others to not invent the light bulb before did and probably provide various kinds of support (financial, emotional, etc.).

    This may sound academic but this is a concern that has been weighing on me. I refuse to believe that by deeply believing that I will get, even already have, what I want, that I have the power to bend others to act as I want. Isn’t there something dark about that idea anyway, reminiscent of sociopathy and / or solipsism (“mine is the only mind that exists”)?

    Yet I also like something at the core of what Sean and others have said about our God-like creative faculties. So I am seeking alternative thoughts. Thanks!

    1. Hey Rick… my take on it is that you can’t bend others to get what you want… but you can attract others who are willing and able to give you what you desire, or to help you along your path… and they won’t always be the people you are expecting it to come from!

    2. I am listening to this podcast for the third time (!) and somewhat regret my above post. I appreciated the kind email from Paul. In short, this podcast caused me to think about a lot of stuff and I focused on my impression of another speaker’s communication about getting whatever we want because of our creative powers. Sean’s powerful emphasis around 28:00 to focus on “Be, do, have” rings true. That is the mentality we need to encourage in the personal development space. Great stuff!

  2. Awesome Guys! Yes, we are created in the image of God Almighty and HE designed us to be creative!!! HE is creative!!!

  3. Hi Sean just wanted to let you know my super exciting news and express my gratitude to you for your advice.
    I’ve been SHAGing the shit out of my # 1 want for over 30 days and yesterday the universe delivered.

    Every day for over a month I wrote about myself driving my dream vehicle to work – I had no way of knowing how to readjust my finances to make this happen, strangely enough it just did! My new want is now in motion, I was a bit stuck on the clarity part of it but went back to your workbook and hey presto, there it is in black and white but the strange thing is some of the things on it are already in motion! Thanks for your advice it has been life changing. Kate xo

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