Path Hunters!

This week’s episode is quite interesting, I recently did an episode with Shelli Varela from The Yes Effect Podcast as Shelli and I chat quite often about life, and one day she asked me to join her on her podcast and talk about why I do what I do.

And let me tell you how raw and uncomfortable it was for me to go into that, and dive deep into why I do what I do.

Even I didn’t even know fully why myself until one day she went and asked me multiple questions and will not let me off the hook until we got to something.

I thought this was a wonderful idea to share this episode because it’s a wonderful way for me to connect with YOU the Path Hunters tribe and get to know where I come from a bit.

We dive into the personal stories that we tell people and using that to connect with others in a personal way.

We spoke about why today you hear typical lingo in the entrepreneur and digital nomad world and why it’s even more important than ever before to be unique!

I hope you enjoy this episode!



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