Hey my dear path hunters!

This episode will be an awesome one with your good friend Paul Lam.

I wanted to touch base on a few things and catch up on how things are going with my life as you all know I’m basically the human guinea pig to my own podcast experimenting on things and bringing it to all you path hunters to try out.

As the title shows I recently took up a sponsor for the podcast.

For about a year now I really didn’t want to find or worry about a sponsor for the podcast as I know what it was like listening and being bombarded with so many ads and products. So I thought it would do all you path hunters a disservice as well too if I brought on a sponsor.

But from a conversation I had with one of my podcaster friends I was told that it be a great thing bringing on a sponsor for the show and aligning with a product that you really like personally and having your audience enjoy it as well too. The other side of this as well too is that most sponsorship always pays the podcaster a commission as well which pays for some of the expenses to maintain the podcast and episodes.

I thought a bit about this and it made sense.

So I remember back when I was listening to a Tim Ferriss show podcast, Tim Ferriss mentioned a healthy solution to coffee called Mushroom Coffee by Four Sigmatic. He mentioned so many benefits and how it doesn’t give you jitters or a crash, I thought I’d try a few for myself.

So I’m super happy to announce that I’ve teamed up with Four Sigmatic  a healthy replacement to coffee that I use personally myself to give you fellow path hunters a 10% discount, if you use the code PATH HUNTERS and I believe in being fully transparent so I do get a commission as well if you purchase using the coupon code.

I personally use the mushroom coffee with lion’s mane & chaga. It helps me a lot throughout the day whenever I need that extra boost but still trying to stay away from coffee or keeping it to a minimum.



So yeah it’s really awesome to have this onboard and getting a chance to work with Four Sigmatic.

On a different note, I’m back home in Canada and after a few months of traveling I’m still living off savings and focusing a lot on how I can serve the path hunters tribe.

I’ve been focusing a lot of my time on the new ebook coming out, that is about overcoming adversities through my own life stories and all the struggles I’ve been through. I believe that adversities can be your greatest teacher and that even though it may seem in the moment what you’re going through it can feel like the end of the world but when you get through it, you can look back and learn a few things about yourself and realize how far you’ve grown.

A way to support me on this is jumping onto the path hunters tribe so you can get notification on when that’s coming out. CLICK HERE TO JOIN 

Shortly afterwards I’m looking into launching a new online course as well. This is going to be announced later on into the near future.

I am a huge believer in being transparent and trying things for myself and then bringing it back to everyone onto the podcast.

As I move through the motions of all this I can tell everyone for sure that it’s definitely not easy but it’s most definitely worth it. I know for sure if I go back into the corporate world again I’d want to be exactly where I am now. So we trek on forward into the unknown together!


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Foursigmatic  – Promoted by Tim Ferriss and one product that I use personally, mushroom coffee is an amazing product that only contains 40mg of caffeine (Starbucks americano grande size contains 150mg) but still gives you that mental focus, and how it’s done is through the chaga mushrooms and lions mane. Check it out and use the promo code Pathhunters and get 10% OFF your order!

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