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Hey Path Hunters!

My friend Vincent Nguyen came onto the Path Hunters podcast . He is the CEO of Growth Ninja, a Facebook ad service company that offers its service to help other companies with their Facebook ads

The Path Hunters podcast is all about leading a passionate lifestyle, following your bliss and hearing how others are doing it and Vincent is doing exactly that!

He shared his journey on how he started and how he started his journey by working for a company called empire flippers and gaining the experience from them. Then, later on, going off on his own and then offering his services to empire flippers.

How to reignite your passion

Vincent mentioned where his company though is great but now he feels as if the passion for it has went away and vincent went into details about his latest passion project. Another business that he purchased and is super passionate about diving into that.

He shares his insights on why he lost his passion and how he reignites it back into his life.

What kind of traveling he did and his thoughts on having expectations when he traveling to different destinations and suggests that going into without an expectation is so much better.

I asked Vincent as well about what it is was like being an Asian entrepreneur and coming from a traditional Vietnamese family. His thoughts and experience on dealing with his parents, and family.

What is important to Vincent now is developing strong meaningful connections, and building it while he’s settling back down at home in Arizona and mentions that when he was traveling, he would develop amazing friendships and connections but later on going their separate ways when they’re traveling. So that’s what drove Vincent to come back home to be closer to his family and friends.

Vincent, it was so fun chatting with you, my friend, thank you so much for coming onto the podcast,


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