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Need a charismatic and passionate podcaster?

That’s me in a nutshell, I’d be honored to be your guy.

Thinking of having me on your podcast, blog, article or to speak? I love energizing my audiences with powerful stories. I’m one of the few podcasters who will go the extra mile to tell you what works, and what doesn’t work without beating around the bush.

Some Amazing People I've Interviewed For The Path Hunters Podcast

After 75+ podcast interviews with amazing entrepreneurs, digital nomads and creators on their processes, and journey to where they are today and applying some of the habits and strategies to my life and I believe that greatness is inside everyone! Some people who have jumped onto The Path Hunters podcast are..


Inspirational speaker, writer, and filmmaker.


Author of the $100 Startup book, New York Times Best Seller, Host of the World Domination Summit and traveled to every country in the world!

Sean Croxton

Host the Quote of The Day show, Co-founder of the Jerf Bar, Coach, and Author.

JP Sears

The YouTube sensation, author, speaker, and coach.


Host of The Inner Change Maker, International Speaker, Coach, and Internet Marketer.

Shelli Varela

Host of The Yes Effect Podcast, 2x TEDx Speaker, the first female firefighter in Canada’s 6th largest city.

Topics I can talk about

  • How to overcome adversity
  • Why networking is so important
  • What it means to be authentic and vulnerable
  • Having a podcast as a personal brand
  • How to turn a life of hopelessness to hopeful

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